Value Cannot Be Null Problem

Hello community,

This is a screenshot of the pdf I am working on. I want to scrap only the text in front of which there is a tickmark. However, when I am using scraping, the places where there are no tickmarks it is giving an error “Value Cannot Be Null Problem”.
I want to design in such a way so that when scrapping value is null it will not pick up the text to it’s right.

How can it be done?

Thank you,

Have you tried scraping the entire sheet into a variable then use a process to check for condition your scrape data.

I am using google vision to extract all data from the pdf. However the tick mark is not recognized by this process.

It might help if you could share one page of the pdf. No promises, but more likely to get more help if able to do so.

Technical Input-2.pdf (1.3 MB)

Here, please give it a try.

No luck. I can see some of the "v’"s in a text output, but ultimately i think the quality of the pdf is poor. If possible, would try to get the digital document before it was scanned

Thanks for trying, using find image matches it is fetching the number of tickmarks, can this be used in a loop for using the fetched images as an anchor for getting the text to it’s right?