Validation on Action center

Hi @vivekm : The idea of pushing validation action in to action center is in scenarios where un-attended processes requires validation, it can be handed-off to human so that users could login to a central inbox and work on this task. Automatic resumption of workflow /job thats waiting on this action is only possible if un-attended process has created this action.
So if you have scenario where attended robot does part of the job, you will not get auto-resumption feature. Consider running such processes as un-attended process to get complete benefit of human-in-the-loop feature through action center. Or if you think, it is current user who is going to act on actions, then ‘present validation station’ might be good enough as it pops-up VS right in the same context.

You may look at alternatives or workarounds like, complete all the processing that does not require another user input in the attended process(because I presume you are creating an action for another user this in case as current user has triggered the process from attended robot) and then start another un-attended process that can create/wait for action to proceed with such processing based on human inputs., more like attended to un-attended hand-off.
Or you may just create action from attended process and not do ‘wait for action’ and have task ids stored in your robot so that next time user starts the process, you can poll for the completed tasks (will have to use task APIs for the same), read the task data that will give you user input and proceed. All I mentioned above are some alternatives to workaround if you have a strict action center use case from attended process. Otherwise ideal scenario is un-attended to human to un-attended seamless handoff through action center