Validation for wrap text in excel


I am getting data from excel and just I want to check that text is for wrap text or not.


Neeraj Yadav

Hi @neerajmca5

Check the below line for your reference

string noWraps = StrVariable.Replace(Environment.NewLine, “”)
Use this statement in Assign Activity

Ashwin S

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It is not working.
Just I want to know if we are getting wrap text from excel then return true else return false.

Anyone knows? I can only toggle wrap text. How to ensure it is ALWAYS ON?

Manually, how are you identifying the text identified is wrapped text or not?? Wanted to understand what do you exactly mean by wrap text in your scenario

I can confirm it is turned ON if the checkbox is ticked or if “Shrink to Fit” is greyed out.


In addition, is it possible to strip out line breaks or spaces within Excel rather than perform regex only after storing them?

also keen to know as above.