Using variables to display value inside Uipath Form


I want to have title in the form based on a variable. Is this possible to do. For example, if spreadsheet is for corporation X I would want the title be “Information - Corporation X” is this possible to do?

@Huhtaluoma This actually depends on where you want to show the title ? If it is inside the form you can use a Label Field and use it’s Field Key as the argument name in the Form Data Collections and pass the value to it accordingly.

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Yes that is correct. Is it possible to alter the font etc?

@Huhtaluoma We might be able to alter the font, but not dynamically, It will be constant.

Hi. I tried passing the value as an In-argument. But it does not show up. Do I need to type something in the content section aswell?

@Huhtaluoma Can you tell me what have you done till now with Screenshots would be better ? Or maybe provide the xaml file itself ?

Thank you for your help.
I just got it working using Field key as in argument, and typing {{data.label1}} to content.


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