Using Get Imap

I am having issues using the Get IMAP mail messages. I am trying just to print the subject of my first email in my personal gmail account to a message box using the same method from the example.

My problem is that I cannot get the Get Imap to work. I have configured my email account as instructed. In the properties pane as follows
Mailfolder: “Inbox”
Port: I have tried both 993 and 995, I am unsure as this forum has told me 2 things to try
server: “

email: “” or saved in a variable written the same way
password: “passwordhere” or saved in a variable created from the getpassword activity

output a variable called listEmails to be used in a foreach activity.

In a foreach activity I have for each mail in listEmails and the type arguement is System.Net.Mail.MailMessage.

I want to print a message box with mail.subject for each email in that list of emails from the Imap activity.

Basically I am having issues with the properties of the IMAP activity, please help.

@jneedleman713 Google is very strict in security. Likely it doesn’t find UI Path a “Trusted Application”. You will likely need to go into your account security in GMail and add UI Path to use a special “Application Password” - then use those credentials from your bot.