Using an if condition to determine whether a row in ACME systems is older than 1st December 2017

I’m not sure on how to approach the syntax with this

Hi @Stabbathehut,

To compare dates in if condition, both sides should have datetime format (date1 < date2 —> date1, date2 should be datetime)
In your case you just typed 2017-12-01 —> this is not datetime.

So, I’ll suggest you to take assign activity before the If activity.
like this,

date1 = New DateTime(2017,12,01)

Where, date1 should be System.DateTime
and then use date1 variable in if activity instead of 2017-12-01.

NOTE : New DateTime(year,month,day). So if 12 is day and 01 is month then, interchange their positions in assign.


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