Userform - VBA - Data Entry

Scenario: I have created a macro to open up a user form which accepts input from user. Now when I am trying to automate this user input using UiPath Excel application scope. I am not able to access the input fields available on the user form.

Steps to reproduce: Simple user form with 2 textbox’s and in workbook_open event, showing up this form. Try to open this file using Excel Application scope in UiPath and pass input using TypeInto activity

Current Behavior: Not able to access input fields on the Userform

Expected Behavior: I should be able to access the input fields on the user form and supply the input using UiPath workflow

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

Last stable behavior: UiPath Studio 2017.1.6435

Could you please try using UiExplorer and try whether it’s able to identify the field?

Ramesh Bhai create .bat file to open excel (make sure when you open excel that form will show to user)than fill the form

put this in notepad…save as filename.bat…start the file using start process activity

START excel.exe /r “C:\Users\username\Desktop\CHm\Inputs\42.xlsm”