Userform - VBA - Data Entry


Scenario: I have created a macro to open up a user form which accepts input from user. Now when I am trying to automate this user input using UiPath Excel application scope. I am not able to access the input fields available on the user form.

Steps to reproduce: Simple user form with 2 textbox’s and in workbook_open event, showing up this form. Try to open this file using Excel Application scope in UiPath and pass input using TypeInto activity

Current Behavior: Not able to access input fields on the Userform

Expected Behavior: I should be able to access the input fields on the user form and supply the input using UiPath workflow

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

Last stable behavior: UiPath Studio 2017.1.6435


Could you please try using UiExplorer and try whether it’s able to identify the field?