User interface for viewing and interacting with failed Queue items

I have a question regarding the options the end users have for dealing with failed Queue items.

In our process, we have an Orchestrator Queue that might contain wrong data. These items will fail, and the end users would need a quick and easy way of interacting with them - reviewing the data and making on-the-spot corrections, before sendng the item to be reprocessed to the same, or a new Queue.

Is there any simple interface available fo end users, for this purpose ? To my knowledge, Orchestrator does not allow this option, at least for now.

One workaround would be to build a simple attended bot for this purpose, but rolling this out to potentialy hundreds of users with their respective Uipath attended licences would not make this solution financially viable.

I imagine this is a pretty common topic in many use-cases, and would like to know if there is any out-of-thebox solution from UiPath for this, or if anybody else came up with a quick way to solve this.

Thank you,
Gabriel Verzea.