Use operators on a Switch


I was wondering if i can you use operators on a switch activity?

For example :

Expression : code1 and code2

Case Code1 = 2 and Code2 = 4



Is it possible ?

Thank you

Not with the activity provided in Studio. However, if you want to do this it can be done with code in an Invoke Code activity.

Here’s a good example from the official Microsoft documentation:

Dim number As Integer = 8
Select Case number
    Case 1 To 5
        Debug.WriteLine("Between 1 and 5, inclusive")
        'The following is the only Case clause that evaluates to True.'
    Case 6, 7, 8
        Debug.WriteLine("Between 6 and 8, inclusive")
    Case 9 To 10
        Debug.WriteLine("Equal to 9 or 10")
    Case Else
        Debug.WriteLine("Not between 1 and 10, inclusive")
End Select
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Thank you @DanielMitchell

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Hi @mz3bel

You can use switch activity


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Ok, how ?

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