Use of line break

I am using <br/> to append a new line to a string variable
Str --> my variable of string type
I a loop I am adding text from row item

example --> under assign activity

OutPut + "<br />" + row.Item("First Name").ToString + "      " + row.Item("Last Name").ToString + "     " +    row.Item("Age").ToString + "  " + row.Item("Email Address").ToString + "  " + row.Item("Grade").ToString + "<br />"

This is not going the job. I am supposed to print each row of a datatable in a new line

In one of my previous programs I used same way and it worked. I dont understand the reason
working program --> use below under assign activity
MailBody + "File number " + i.ToString + " is empty" + "<br/>" --> here in this case MailBody is a variable of type string, i is an integer thats being looped.

Hi @swetha_pattabhi.
You may refer to this one:
Insert new line in string
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I am curious about

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What is it? :slight_smile:

Why is
not working in here while it worked on my other programs.

Do i need to download any package or dependencies?

Wait, @swetha_pattabhi, let me check :slight_smile:

Hi @swetha_pattabhi
Your expression should be like this:
"Dear Approver, " + vbcrlf + _
"PO Number : " + In_StrPONumber + vbcrlf + _
"Approver Name : " + In_StrApproverName + vbcrlf + _
"Approver Email Address : " + In_StrApproverEmailAddress

My problem resolved. Using my string variable in html context is getting the line breaker works. When it is stored in string variabe it is stored as <br/> by it self

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