Use more than one delimiter in Split String Activity?

How to set more than one Separator/Delimiter in Split String Activity.Like i need to set new line and black space characters as Separator/Delimiter.

Hey @ranjith

Please find the attached sample workflow and let me know :slight_smile:
you can simply pass an array of delimiters to them.

spilitstringarray.xaml (7.1 KB)



a Data Manipulation tutorial is coming up real soon


Where i can learn Data manipulation in UiPath

Thanks @aksh1yadav .It Works fine. :slight_smile:

The video tutorial is coming out this week


Hi im having trouble with splitting my string in 2 separate arrays can you please help me im try to place
myString = 1234

and make it {12}(0) and {34}(1)

hi Arvin, Please try as follows:
myString = β€œ1234”
myLeftString = Trim(Left(myString,2))
myRightString = Trim(Right(myString,2))

Note: this works only for 4 digits string. Right function will bring right side 2 characters and left function will bring left side 2 charters only. it could be numbers or alphabets.if you want more generic solution then you have to handle with 2 arrays. 1st one is with {β€œ34”} splitting then resulting you will get 12 values. 2nd array {β€œ12”} result will give 34. assign them separate global variable and use them. Hope my inputs will be useful

I have a csv file and one of the cells i’m reading is Equity Income (238) and i want just the 238. Do you have suggestions?

@tmartin please use the code like this.
string = β€œ(123)”
string = string.Replace(β€œ(”,β€œβ€ )
string = string.Replace(β€œ)”, β€œβ€)
your string will have now β€œ234”

Hope my inputs are useful.

Thanks. I will try that now. I had it working but then had a new item come in and it is an issue so i need to change to this logic.

So this worked but now i need to trim the text in front of the β€œ(”. I’m trying trimstart and that is not working. i will continue working on that.


if you want to remove everything except numbers you can use Regex with the String Replace -activity.


i want to remove numbers if not in side the β€œ( )”

If myString.Contains(β€œ(”)
{ Replace everything except numbers (img above) }
{ Replace all numbers (same as image above but in pattern put β€œ[0-9]”) }

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