Use double quotes in a string variabl


I want to pass value in a string variable in this sense:
“A” Package

(double quotes are included in string)

Any assistance on this


we escape a " within a string within another one

Hi @nikhil.chandre


Hi @nikhil.chandre

Try this

Input="""A"" Package"


it is showing ; expected error


Have you tried this




it is showing ; expected error

it is showing ; expected error message


Can you show the flow how you are trying


Can you share code snippet here of the error and the code used to store

looks like you are working in C#. Give a try at:

"Hello \"Bot\" World";

it takes this value only

“Hello \“Bot\” World”

just come more clear with details, as the thread is currently going into a ping-pong series
share with us the details:

  • Project Setting details (Legacy, Windows, C#,. Vb.Net…)
  • what is to achieve in detail
  • Variables, sample values, what was done in detail
  • where doe the current output differs from expected output