Use adobe for OCR

Hi !
I would like to use the OCR with a PDF.

When I open the PDF in adobe, i can select the texte, so, i’m sure that it’s not an image.

But when i try to follow the tutorial from this video : i can’t do the same thing as we see at minute 06:39, when i use get text (with basic recording or not) the entire screen is selected, i can’t select just one information :

Can you tell me what i’m missing ?

Thank you !

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If using OCR on the entire window doesn’t work for you, you would need to turn on assistive technology for that file. You should be able to do that with the keystrokes Ctrl+Shift+5

After enabling that for the file, it will let you select elements in the PDF.

It’s also possible UiPath is working on a solution where you don’t need to use that workaround, but I am unsure.