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i want to compare cell in same row of the excel file and if the value is matched then i have to remove the enitire column from excel and append the range

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  1. Excel Application Scope
  2. Use Read Range activity
  3. Loop through Each Row
  4. Inside the loop check column data If matches then Use Insert/Delete Rows activity else append range

can you share me work flow i will provide you an excel

zai has amount valuse 15 and i have to use a condition inside a loop in which i have to discard the value less than 30

Hi @akritiverma316,

For this you can simply use Filter Data Table activity with setting shown in below shot,

As you can see,

  1. Specify datatable variables for Input & Output datatables. (here, dt1 is output var of Read range.)
  2. Specify column name of having those values instead of Column1, select < (less than) operator & specify value as 30.
  3. select Remove radio button as you want to discard rows.

After this you can use write range with dt2 (Output var of Filter DataTable activity) to confirm output.

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Hi @akritiverma316,

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Here is an activity called “Find”. It will return the cell info and row index.

To delete the column . you can use this activity.

Note :

To get the column name
use the assign activity .
strColumn = strCellInfo.Replace(intRowindex.tostring())

Thank you

i used it but it ia not working as column1 i put the name of that column “Amount” still not working

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Hi ,
I didn’t see your 2nd thread. Because you said that the value < 30 . my solution is exactly search value and remove the column . In that case you can follow @samir 's solution…


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