(URGENT) Different date format to a standard date format

Hi, I’m wondering what activity should I be using to convert all kinds of date format in this excel testdate (1).xlsx (10.0 KB) MM.dd.yyyy, dd/MM/yyyy mm:ss etc and convert them all to only dd.MM.yyyy? I tried IF activity to detect any kind of date format I will get from source but it didn’t work out.

The source looks like below:
And the end result should look like this.

What should I be using. Appreciate the advice. Thank you.


Why you need to use activity in excel itself you can change the format if you want to do in uipath
-first, read the excel you will get data table and then loop that data table in assign activity

@junnieset Download the Xaml file and change the format

Date_Format.zip (18.3 KB)

Hope this would be of help.
Note: Please Give the relevent path in the READ RANGE activity

Ashley Nihal Dcunha

@ashley11 Hi, your script looks complicated but it really does work for me. I will try it on my other advanced script. Thank you so much.

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@kalyanDev Thanks for the advice. It’s just that people send in dates in all sorts of format and I wonder if there is any workaround to tackle them. I tried you advice and notice that null is no longer supported it seems.

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