Upgrading to v19 stopped logging

Hi guys,

Recently updated from V18.4.2 to latest stable version V19.4.2 (off the top of my head).

Previously we had a custom nlog.config file which put logs into different folders on a network drive. Now, after upgrading uipath isn’t logging with this nlog.config file… even though its exactly the same as before.

If I use the ‘new’ nlog.config file generated by the upgrade it will log to uipath/logs/ but I can’t seem to put any custom locations.

Has anyone experienced this? and does anyone have a fix?

Hi @CBlanchard

Please contact our technical support, it might be that something changed and they will be able to dig deeper into the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks mate, i’ve submitted the request.

After a lot of playing yesterday, it seems the default targets uipath puts in will work, but no custom targets even if they are exactly the same as the default ones. :confused: