Updating to the new AI Center access control

Improved access control

Back in May, we announced new project-level and tenant-level access control for new tenants.
We are excited to release a new procedure on how to update your existing tenants to the new access control.

How to update

First of all, to go forward with the update, you need to be part of the Administrator group in Automation CloudTM.
To update, click on the three-dot () icon on the top right corner and select Update to new access controls.

When a pop-up message is displayed, click Update.

What happens after the update

The update itself only takes a few minutes. Meanwhile, you can interact with AI Center as usual, since there is no downtime expected.

All projects will have restricted access and existing users will automatically be added to the project after the update. Permissions at tenant and project level will follow the mapping below.

We hope you like this new feature and it will improve your experience with AI Center. As usual, any feedback is welcome.

Have fun! :smiley:


This is not working, PFA

Email: I am in pro enterprise trial

Hello @Lakshay_Verma, thank you for reaching out on this.
Unfortunately there was a downtime at that time (you can check the status of UiPath services here). That downtime could have impacted this procedure. Can you please try again and let us know if it worked?
If you encounter any other errors, please provide an account/tenant id.
FYI @Jeremy_Tederry @shivaraman_shankar

Thank you!

@paul.motiu Hi, thanks for the update, however, the error still persists.
Please let me know next actions required.

Hi, did you get it working? I’m suffering the same issue

Best regards

same issue here, let me know if it resolved from your side

Hi @megharajky

If you are still encountering this issue, I would suggest you to contact our technical support to resolve the issue.