Update row value

dt_Track.Rows(CurrentRow)(# 210 Files After Filter)=“45”
when i use this it ask me to expression expected

i’m trying to update row value of data table
error shows for this syntax
dt_Track.Rows(CurrentRow)(# 210 Files After Filter)

can anyone help me ?

@pravin_bindage Show me the screenshot

In for each row in datatable
assign currentrow(“columnname”)=“45”


Perhaps you need to write it as the following, if you use it in ForEachRow or ForEachExeclRow.

CurrentRow("# 210 Files After Filter")="45"

Can you try this?
If this doesn’t work, can you share your workflow?


I’m trying to match x value with excel column
if match found then i want to update y value in corresponding row in z column
how can i to?


Perhaps as the following.


If this doesn’t work for you, can you share more detailed information for your requirement with specific example?


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