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Hi, i’d to update some conditions in my regex pattern.

Pattern: “(?<=(Total Amount|\bTotal\b|Total Due|Total Amount Due)\s+)(ZAR|R|)[\s-$\d,.]+”

This pattern covers: Total Amount,Total, Total Due, Total Amount Due

What I don’t Want: SubTotal - that is working fine

Problem I’m facing is: if the text is Sub Total, the pattern takes the Sub Total as Total as there is a space between the Sub and Total

I’d like to update the pattern, how can I do this

one option could be to filter out Sub Total Match aftwerwards (when not used within isMatch)

Is there a way to incorporate that into the pattern as I only get number values as output

@Mpumi_Setshedi - This is the reference to the solution provided previously, as I remember…

I have added the space between Sub Total and pattern did not pick it…I see it’s working as expected from the sample you previously shared here

Hi @prasath17

I need the pattern to not pick up SubTotal or Sub Total

I think i spoke too soon…Yes previous shared pattern is not working when there is a spaces…I will take a look, please try the method suggested by @ppr

Okay, im not sure how to approach the given method yet

You can use the Negative Lookbehind (?<!Sub +) to skip matching "Sub " in front of “Total”.

(?<=(?<!Sub +)(Total Amount|\bTotal\b|Total Due|Total Amount Due)\s+)(ZAR|R|)[\s-$\d,.]+

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Hi @ptrobot

Thank you for solution

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