Update End Result in Table Instead of Excel

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I have a table data , once i get the data i want to update the end result into the same Table not in Excel. Is there any way to do that.

Assume that i have imported data from excel to Table using Read Rang. I want to Update the result in the DataTable.



Srenivasan Kannan

Yah we can do the same was we do for normal excel with table related activities
First we need to get the range of the table in that file
For that use Get Table Range

Then mention that range in READ RANGE activity
And do the same as we do for normal excel
Like a for each row loop
Within which a assign activity
row(3) = convert.ToInt(row(1).ToString)+ convert.ToInt(row(2).ToString)

For example

Cheers @SrenivasanKanna

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So if you want to update each row accordingly.

You can use a For Each Row on the datatable and then if you want to update the Total Column you can use an assign.

For Each Row in Datatable
row.item(“Total”) = CINT(row.item(“Subj1”)) + CINT(row.item("Subj2))

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