Update datatable


I have two datatables in uipath, the table structure of them are same, but the rows are not. and I want to update the first one with another one, how can I do this in uipath ?

Any solutions for this ? thanks.


Hi @rudy,

use Merge data table activity



Hell Arivu,

I am quite sure for this solution. I tried it in my robot and seems that it can not meet my requirement.
I have two tables, such as multiples exist in each table like “ID”, “Process Ticket description”, “Status”, “Remark”, and now I only want to update the remark column in second table according to first table by ID. The ID is mostly like a primary key in database, seems that the MergetDataTable activities is not able to complete this.


Use foreach row of datatables,Then getrowitem and place a condition to compare the id’s And then assign row"Remark"=“your variable” @rudy



Suppose that it is not a good solution because the datatable will always have 10000 rows or above, and it will lead to crash of uirobot.


Hi @rudy,

Refer this post joinTable topic