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Hie guys. I am using execute query activity with my query as “UPDATE Details Set Status = ‘1’ Where Name = Extract”. Extract is a variable name. How can i pass Extract variable withought getting an error.

Hi @Tapiwa

Try using the Execute Non Query activity. In there, you can specify your update query. For the “Extract”, add a variable as @VariableName just like you would do when writing sql scripts

Next, in the parameter option add a parameter using the same variable name along with the @ sign.

Refer to this post as well…

Hope it helps


Thanks buddy it helped. Solution
“UPDATE Details Set Status = ‘1’ Where Name = @Ex” and then added a parameter with name being Ex and value being EXTRACT

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If that helped, please mark my answer as the solution too… Running SQL scripts in UiPath is an area where people mostly get stuck. So having a marked solution for such scenarios would greatly help them… :slight_smile:

Thank you. and glad that I was able to help…

Good luck and happy automating!!

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