Update a value in the filtered rows of the datatable

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I am trying to select rows from a datatable and update a particular value in the selected rows.
Since it is updation therefore we cannot use an assign.
Hence, I used an ‘Invoke Code’.
Please find the snaps of the code inside Invoke Code.
Though the vb.net code doesn’t show any error, while running the same I get the error as
“Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”.

I guess there is a problem with the action done in the ForEach method in your expression.

The following code is in C# and it is working. Please check -

dt1.Select("User = 'Arnold'").ToList().ForEach(delegate (DataRow name)

dt1 is data table contains 3 columns - User, Client, Date

I am filtering the table based on User and Updating the Second Column value using SetField.

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You code seems synthatically correct so I imagine the issue is elsewhere.

Are you sure that the first part (.Select) returns any row? that the column names are correct and the State datatype is a string, that Pan card number is a string as well?

A trick you can use, to get the proper exception message from the invoke code is to refer to its “inner exception”.

See example bellow



@KarthikByggari Is there a way where I can update the column value in one go, without using a for each?
Moreover, if this updation can be reflected in the main datatble for those filtered rows it would be really time saving!

The values will reflect in the main data table.

This C# code is erring at “delegate” while I use it in ‘Invoke Code’.
Can you please help?

Hi Priya,

Were you able to resolve this?

Even I am stuck using vb code

Did you resolve this one? if not share ur xaml