Unzip file with "invoke power shell" activity


I would like to unzip a file using “invoke power shell” activity. The command in powershell works, but I don’t know how to fill the activity in UI Path to make it work.

The command is

unzip.exe “C:\path\file.zip” -d “C:\path”

I fill the data in the activity as follows:
“unzip.exe” in the “CommandText” field
In the Parameters field I write as values the following 3 strings (direction IN):


The result is

Throw : unzip: cannot find either fichero or fichero.zip.

Can someone suggest me how to make it work?

if possible, attach your xaml in order to check your activities settings.

Are there any reason to use PS? if not you can do the same with “Start Process” activity


Thanks a lot, it works perfectly!
I don’t need to use PS I just needed a solution to unzip files and that one works. I also was trying something similar by my own, but in FileName field I wrote “cmd” instead of directly “unzip.exe” (I was writing "unzip.exe "+strPathToZip + " -d "+strDirToExtract in Arguments field and that wasn’t working).

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