Unrecognized database format .accdb



I am trying to create a connection to an access database (stored locally on the machine that the robot is running on). The access database is of format .accdb which is the latest version of access.
When testing the connection string I get the Unrecognized database format error. Is this latest version of access not supported?


Are you using the connection wizard…

I have just connected to an accdb file using the following connection string

"Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=C:\Users\richard.denton\Documents\UiPath.accdb"

Unable to Execute Query - Access Database 2016

Generally, the error “Unrecognized database format .accdb” refers to corruption. It seems the Access database is corrupt and it should be repaired. The Compact and Repair Utility is a built-in repair feature in MS Access program that can repair Access database. Also, users can try to import corrupt Access database into a new one. Microsoft provides a freeware utility, JetComp.exe utility to fix corrupt Access database.

The above information has been taken from this source - http://filerecoverytips.com/repair-access-database-manually/


Thanks James, I ran into the same issue and the error was indeed coming from a corrupted Access DB. A recover in Access solved the issue!


To recover data from corrupt MS Access database, I would like to refer an excellent third party solution, Access Database Recovery. The software is compatible with both MDB and ACCDB file formats of MS Access database.
Its free trial version is also available to download at- http://www.nucleustechnologies.com/Access-Databases-Repair-Software.php


Or just don’t use Access (yuck!)

I used to develop Access Databases so I can say that :slight_smile:


In order to fix unrecognized database format error in access database .accdb file you must try the manual fixes first and if in case it won’t work then approach for third party software. Now you will ask how what manual solution you need to try well for that just check out this link:



There are several reasons of this error:

  1. When user tried to open the newer version file into older version of Access database
  2. Latest service pack is not installed
  3. Corruption in Access database


  1. Open the access database file with the correct version. If you have older version of MS Access then, you can import the access database file by the following:

Go to File->Options->General->Creating Database ->New Database sort order, double click on the General->Legacy and covert access database file into correct version.

If this solution wont work then, you can go with the professional Access database repair software. Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair easily fixes the unrecognized database format error. Read more: https://www.stellarinfo.com/access-database-repair.php


Did you ever get this to work tmsctt? Seem to be having similar issues setting up a successful connection to an MS Access Db. Tried all the suggestions listed here, among some others. The Access version is 2016.