Unhide and Hide Same Sheet

Hey there,

In my list of excel files, I am running for each sheet activity. I ask the bot to click some hotkey buttons and then extract some texts. However, as there some sheets that are not visible, the results seem to be inaccurate for hidden sheets.

Is there a way that I can unhide them first, and hide the initial hidden sheets once the bot is done with the send hotkey activity?

Hope to hear your advice!

for each sheet works for all the sheets in that excel file


You can use “bala reva” package for excel using manage packages

in this use hide unhide sheet

Hi @WS_Chai ,
You can use get worksheet to get all sheet in file

Hey @WS_Chai ,
You can try giving hotkeys
below are the hotkeys to hide and unhide the sheets in excel

1.Use Send Hot Key as Alt+o+h+h to hide the sheet
2. Use send hot key as Alt+o+h+u+enter to unhide the same

Hope it helps you out