Unable to upload file in Storage Bucket

I am unable to upload file in Storage Buckets using Upload storage file activity.I am getting error message :Upload Storage File: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘Conflict’. Can any one help me to solve this issue.I have also noted that upload button is disable in orchestrator. Any idea which permissions are require to enable it.

Hi @Jyotika_Halai

Maybe try to see if these permissions are set for you?

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Aside from making sure you have the permissions @loginerror mentioned, also make sure that the bucket you defined is not read-only


Thanks @loginerror and @Tudor_Sandu. When bucket is create by admin, should it be always set off? Can you explain me the use of read only option.

That depends on your particular needs. Maybe you only want to add some resources into a bucket at first and then simply consume them in processes. That’s the textbook definition of read only :slight_smile:

You should always set “Read-only” to off when creating a bucket in which you want to upload files in your automations.


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