Unable to split string using matches


I have to split the string which is i am getting from webpage using get text.
my required output is : A,Arun Kumar(aa15) next data in next line of excel
A,Arun Kumar(aa17) like this.
How can i split this using matches? i want pattern to split this for matches activity.
kindly check this pic

please help me to solve this.

Refer this regex

I am new to regex so unable to find exact pattern i used which showing in this link : (\w+[,]\w+\s\w+(\w+)) but not working.
can you tell me exact pattern.

Can you share the pic what match it is coming


Output is
Match 1: A,Arun Kumar(aa15)
Match 2: A,Aakakn Kumar(aa17)

For each matches, you can add row in excel

by using for each loop ,for each item in matches i am writing in each row by increasing counter for cell. But using this pattern it not writing anything.

Can you share pics of your workflows

Here is the workflow
demo2.xaml (36.9 KB)

Change the type argument of For each loop to Match.Collection
and change item to item(0).tostring

Made changes but still not writing in excel

Try degubbing it by seeing each matches in message box

I put message box with value item.ToString but message box showing nothing not even appearing

Before the loop check the count of the matches output and inside loop check this
item(0).tostring in a message box

Yes. count is also 0 showing using message box.
checked count by using this expression

Share your input and even the desired output

I am fetching this data as input.

want this data as output.

Can you share the text so we can apply regex

text is:
Arun Kumar (aa15)A, Arun Kumar (aa2)A, Arun Kumar (aa8)Bellamkonda, Arun Kumar (abellamk)Biswal, Aruna Kumar (abiswal)Chettupally, Arun kumar (achettup)Jeyakumar, Arun Kumar (ajeyakum)K, Arun Kumar (ak5)

wanted to split after each lastname,firstname(username) in new line and write in excel :
A, Arun Kumar (aa15)

have you check and applied regex?