Unable to save image after taking screenshot

I have created one sequence for taking screenshot in this sequence iam unable to save image after taking screenshot. Can any give solution for this as the screenshot is given below.



Show me screenshot of Save Image activity and need to check what you passed.

TakeScreenShot.xaml (19.5 KB)

Check this example, it may help to you

Hi @mohammed_zain,

Giving the generic solution by guessing the problem you are facing.
Please find the xmal to take and save the screenshot.
When you are saving the image, don’t forget to mention the file name with the extention (.png, .jpeg, etc) by which you want to save the image. Also make sure you are using the correct datatype to store the image.

Main.xaml (5.1 KB)

If this is not your solution please explain you problem in detail.

I have given path with jpg format to save image.

Hi @mohammed_zain please explain me what is the problem now…

@mohammed_zain Refer this Thread

Can you send a screen (Picture) of your tutorial plz ?