Unable to open main.xaml file of uipath after latest 2022.04 update

i was using uipath latest community version 2021 but on (20 april 2022) i got update notification , when i accepted the update of 2022.4 after that my main.xaml files are not opening
when iam opening from uipath studios its opening but when i click on directly main.xaml file its opening windows edge browser and failed

please help me


UiPath studio is still getting updated. Please wait for sometime and then check once.

I also faced similar issue and found that UiPath studio upgradation is InProgess that time. I am able to open xaml files post update completed.

thanks for answering promptly brother

actually now i found solution

after updating uipath , we have to right click main.xaml file and select uipath studio as opening platform and check always choose this

after doing this i found solution


I didn’t do this step and it got opened directly in Studio when I opened xaml file.

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