Unable to integrate Airtable API with UIpath

Hello, please I’m trying to integrate Airtable API with UiPath so I can automate getting data from airtable. But I got stuck at the step 6 of the following guide. I would like to get help with a video tutorial how to complete the process. thanks

Step 1: Sign up for an Airtable account and create a new base and set up the tables and fields that you want to use in your automation.

Step 2: Generate an API key
To connect UiPath to your Airtable account, you will need to generate an API key. To do this, go to your Airtable account settings and click on the “Generate API key” button. Copy the API key and save it for later use.

Step 3: Install UiPath.Web.Activities package
To integrate Airtable with UiPath, you will need to use the UiPath.Web.Activities package.

Step 4: Create a new UiPath project

Step 5: Add HTTP request activity
Drag and drop an HTTP request activity from the UiPath.Web.Activities package onto your workflow.

Step 6: Set up HTTP request activity
In the HTTP request activity, you will need to set up the endpoint URL and the headers.

Endpoint URL: The endpoint URL is the API endpoint that you will use to interact with Airtable. The format of the URL is as follows: Copy code


Replace {base_id} with the ID of your Airtable base and {table_name} with the name of the table you want to interact with.

Headers: In the Headers property of the HTTP request activity, add a new key-value pair with the key “Authorization” and the value “Bearer {API_key}”, where {API_key} is the API key you generated earlier.

Step 7: Add an HTTP request method
In the HTTP request activity, set the Method property to the HTTP method that you want to use (e.g. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE).

Step 8: Set up the request body
Depending on the HTTP method you are using, you may need to set up the request body. For example, if you are using the POST method to create a new record in Airtable, you will need to provide the data for the new record in the request body.

Step 9: Send the HTTP request
Finally, use the Send HTTP Request activity to send the HTTP request to Airtable and perform the desired action (e.g. read, write, update, or delete records).


First try to send a request using postman …and then you can easily configure the same or just copy the curl and import the request data into UiPath and use it

This helps in geneally configuring http


ok once I get to try it I will let you know about the result. thanks a lot

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still making some verifications