Unable to get the Excel cell valu is like "#N/A"

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in one scenarion I want to get the text available int he Excel like “#N/A”, can you help me on this

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That means that there is no value, because there is an incorrect formula or data the formula uses is missing.

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yes I agree, but in the Column we have to identify #N/A text and has to process further based upon this value… so the reason I want to extract the that value from that cell


Hello @srinusoft37

Currently if you are reading this table how the values are retrieving? Is it a blank values?

use filter data table acitivity or datatablevariable.select(“‘columnname’=‘n/a’”).copytodatatable()

Yes manully I enter the “#N/A” value in to the Excel cell and trying to get the value. will this will not work ?


No. That #N/A is not an entered value. It’s Excel telling you there is an error.

Use a spreadsheet that naturally has the #N/A - what does Read Range/Read Cell give you as the value?

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Ok thanks for the clarification


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