Unable to extract DATE information from mails received through Outlook


I am creating a workflow where I need to extract the date and time of each mail received in Inbox folder. I am using a for each loop and traversing through each mail and extracting the sender and receiver’s name and the entire content of the mail but I am unable to extract the date and time. I ma attaching the workflow in which I am retrieving the subject of the mail. Can a similar thing can be applied for date and time? Or are there any other option available?
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HI @tamshi

You can get the Date from the header of the message like this:




Hi @tamshi,

Take a look at this


Hi @tamshi,

In order to get the date and time that this e-mail was created, please try the following example:

I also did an example that shows all the fields that are able to get some information from the header. Please check the attached example.
Main.xaml (11.2 KB)


Thank you so much @Thiago
I tried message.Headers(“Date”). It worked. :relaxed:

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Thank you so much @acaciomelo.
I tried this. It works the way I wanted.

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Thanks @Susana. It works. :relaxed:

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