Unable to api call get tenants

I am having issues calling the api call to get tenants or organization units. I have tried the swager Swagger UI (uipath.com) and I get a kick back that I am not authenticicated, however, when I use any of the other swagger functions they return expected results (because I am authorized).

I tried in postman as well by pulling a fresh access token, and again all the other functions work fine except these two, each of them throw an unauthorized issue.

What would call this to fail and the others to work?
Basically, I need to build a power automate flow that querries orchestrator for all processes and tenants and keeps them listed in our automation database.

I am the admin/owner of the entire system, but the auth key is coming from

Hey Nathan,

I just tried it from my end on Swagger and it does return values normally. Can you try authorizing from there?

Also I’m using V15.0

Already authorized, is there a setting in orchestrator that would prevent “admin” rights in the api? I am the account owner (super admin)

Seems weird. You can try reauthorizing by logging out->logging in again but I suppose you’ve done that already.
Since postman isn’t working as well (I suppose the token works with other calls) I’d contact UiPath technical support directly.

Tried that… even with my uipath developer on the phone and he was stumped