75 Activities and 5 wizards that allow you to do a fast implementation for Salesforce Lightning Platform. For this acvitiy you have around 20 movies on youtube:

The Salesforce Activity package contains around 75 activities that allow you to perform various operations such as adding, deleting, updating, or getting (ADD, DELETE, UPDATE or GET) on the main entities of Salesforce. The main entities include ACCOUNT, ASSET, CASE, CONTACT, LEAD, CAMPING, FILE, OPPORTUNITY, TASK,PRICEBOOK,PRODUCT,QUOTE. For the other tables in Salesforce and for the custom ones, the package contains Add, Update and Delete activities that can be used without any restriction by name or structure.
The advantages of the activities are:
the background automation is very fast, and the automation is safe, because it’s totally independent from your web browsers and the salesforce layout,
implementation time is 5 to 10 times faster compared to traditional Ui-Automation. The speed of the activities are due to the wizards, which allow you to test everything during the design time. This significantly minimizes the testing time to almost no time at all. In a normal implementation, testing time is huge and lasts much longer than the design time.
interactions between the robot and the software are greatly reduced, leading to a reduction in the number of errors. For example, in a normal Ui-Automation on Salesforce, a simple process takes two minutes and 40 seconds. This means it interacts with the web page approximately 85 times. The component, on the other hand takes about 11 seconds and interacts with the webpage only eight times, greatly minimizing the risk of error.

Package: UiPathTeam.Salesforce.Lightning_Platform.Activities
Author: @Cristian_Negulescu


we can also visit official website of salesforce and learn basic in how to integrate salesforce.

not finding those tutorials do u still have it ?

42 videos here:

The implementation was very easy for me personally.