UiPath with ChatGPT

By combining UiPath Action Centre with OpenAI’s ChatGPT this concept project shows how AI can guide a user through activities they may never have performed before.

Video in LinkedIn below.

It also offers a great way to assist and accelerate new starters. You will see in the short video how the user is guided by AI step by step through x2 scenarios:

  1. Employee Onboarding
  2. Sales Cold Calling

UiPath Action Centre offers Task Management supporting Human-Robot Collaboration - adding ChatGPT integration takes this to the next level.

The UiPath Software Robots talk to ChatGPT, automatically converts the List of steps into UiPath Tasks/Actions, and also enhance that List by using ChatGPT for detailed instructions on how to perform a specific task.

Action Centre also supports re-assignment of work, Service Level Management & Alerting and Auditing. Also used in the concept project was UiPath APPs allowing access from any device supporting a browser - so whether you are in the office or on the road, you have access to AI Assistance.

This concept project took 6 hours to create & test via UiPath’s low-code development environment - and uses UiPath APPs, Action Centre and connects to the ChatGPT API via Python.

** YouTube version of video here: ChatGPT with UiPath - Now You Can Do Anything your Boss Asks! - YouTube **