UIPath Test Suite - Not able to see the Testing related options in uipath orchestrator

UIPath Test Suite - Not able to see the Testing related options in uipath orchestrator.

Can someone please help me on this.


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Hello and good morning, I recently had this issue as well and created a step by step write up to upgrade to studio pro and display the testing tab in orchestrator. If any of these steps are unclear please feel free to ask for more clarification. These steps are for the community version, but I am sure that enterprise can be done in a similar fashion.

  • Log in to your UiPath Cloud Portal
    • Select Admin from left hand side
    • Select “Services” and select the orchestrator service you wish to upgrade
    • Click on the edit button
    • In the Robots panel increase the “Testing Runtime” counter to 1 or more
    • In the Studio panel increase the Studio Pro users to 1 or more and select “Save”
    • Orchestrator Service should now show as “Updating”, wait a few minutes and refresh page
    • Orchestrator service should now show “Enabled”
  • Log into your UiPath Orchestrator
    • If the update from the last step was successful you should now see the “TESTING” folder on the left
    • Scroll down to “Management” on left hand side
    • Select “Machines”
    • Click the three dots on the right-hand side of the machine you are currently using and select edit
    • Increase the “License Testing Runtimes” counter to 1 and select update
    • Select the “Robots” tab in “Management”
    • Select the robot attached to your current machine and click the three dots on the right-hand side
    • Select edit and change the “Type” to Studio Pro and select update
    • Your orchestrator should now be set up to connect to Studio Pro
  • Open UiPath Assistant on your desktop
    • If assistant shows connected and licensed on the bottom, skip the following subcategory of steps
      • If not connected select the gear and click on orchestrator settings
      • Confirm the orchestrator URL is the same as the orchestrator account we have modified in the previous steps
      • Confirm the Machine key is the same as the machine key from the machine we edited in the orchestrator account
      • After both are confirmed select the “Connect” button
      • Your robot should now be licensed and connected
  • Open UiPath Studio on your desktop
    • If under new project you see the “Test Automation” option skip the following subcategory of steps
      • If you do not see the “Test automation” option under new project, select “Settings” from the left-hand side
      • Select “License and Profile” followed by “Change License”
      • Select “Community License” and then “UiPath Pro Community License”
      • UiPath will ask to restart, select yes

Hi @JosephNehl ,
In Uipath cloud portal even i am unable to see services option to upgrade pl refer below screenshot


Hello, I just checked and it appears they have updated the ui in the cloud platform, so that section of the guide is now out of date.

After clicking on tenants, click on the three dots on the far right side of the tenant you wish to change and select “edit services”. From there you will get a new popup hugging the right side of the screen. Select edit licences button on the bottom.

From there you will see the option to change and add licences and new types of robots to your orchestrator. Select at least one of testing and studio pro licences and remember to hit save.

I will update my first post later and check to see if there have been any other changes, thank you for bringing this to my attention. If you need any further help feel free to ask!

Hi @JosephNehl

I have followed your above steps now i can able to see testing options in orchestrator
Thanks for help!!


I have created test cases in uipath pro. For eg I have 1 main.xaml workflow, and 2 diff test cases I have add test data in test cases which is coming input data from excel. Now I want to run test cases with limited data not all data should be executed

If you are running this through studio pro then this is easy. If you are running it through orchestrator, its a bit more of a pain.

Through studio pro left click on “debug file” below the “play” button. From here you can either select debug/run with data variations. If it is set up correctly, you should see a checkbox list of the different test data and you can select which ones you wish to run.

For orchestrator, I believe that it always executes everything inside of the excel file. To change it, there are two slightly different options. The first is to upload the workflow with a different package name including a different/smaller excel file. The second is to push a new version to the same process/package with a changed excel file.

The first will give you multiple different processes for each different variation of the test cases you with to run, however this can become messy if your orchestrator is filled with different processes and not sorted into different folders. The second creates one process with the option of reverting to different versions of the package to change which test set is executed. This can also be messy depending on how you want to handle versioning. It just depends on which way makes more sense to you.

Thanks for detailed information!!

HI @JosephNehl, I have followed all steps mentioned here, however I unable to see Testing Option in Orchestrator.

Can you assist further?

Since the even further update to orchestrator and the new Ui introduced, this guide is unfortunately again outdated. There have been a lot of changes over the last few months. It will take a little time, but I will try and see if I can go through the steps again with the new UI and see what has changed and what steps need to be updated. For now if you want to double check to see if it is activated, try changing your orchestrator Ui to the previous version. In the top left hand corner inside or orchestrator you can click on your profile and select “go back to old design”. This Ui Layout should be the same as the one described in my original post (however there is a new layout for the cloud platform as well before entering orchestrator and this cannot be changed back). If you do see the test section there then I will point you to where they can be found with the new Ui. If it isn’t there I will try and guide you further.