UiPath Studio 2022.10 Updates-1

In this article we will cover the new updates that have been added into the latest version of 2022.10 UiPath Studio.

There are many new features and functionality have been updated in Studio in this version. In this article we will cover the first update of UiPath Studio.

Coachmark Navigator/Quick Tour

This will help the new user to quickly get started with the UiPath studio by providing a Quick Tour Guide.

The Quick Tour Guide comes up with 3 tutorials:-

  1. Presenting the Interface of UiPath Studio:- It follows a dialogs to learn where to find things in Studio.
  2. Build, test and run your automation.
  3. Publish your project.

Thq Quick tour guide appear at the bottom right hand side of the Studio. If you would like to skip the tour , you can do that by simply clicking on skip the step.

You can anytime open the Quick Tour Guide by following the below steps-

Home-> Help → Quick Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed the article !

Happy Automation!!