UiPath State Machines: A Closer Look at the Exit Feature - Tutorial 1/2

Hello Community,

Hope the new year is going well?

RPA Vanguard is back with the first video of this year. And this video is on State Machines! :slight_smile:

In this video, we are going to look closer at UiPath State Machines and see how we can use the
Exit feature of a State activity. The tutorial demonstrates an enhanced Guessing Game that shows you how you might use this feature.

Hopefully, you will find this feature helpful in building enhanced state machine based UiPath Automations.

This short video track covers the following:

  1. 00:00 - Intro
  2. 00:15 - PROLOGUE
  3. 01:56 - Closer Look at the State Machine Project Template
  4. 04:08 - Enhanced Guessing Game Demo
  5. 06:39 - Guessing Game Enhancements
  6. 12:21 - EPILOGUE

The project demonstrated can be downloaded from here.

Please watch it here below. And stay tuned for another video that demonstrates yet another feature of State Machines! :+1: