Uipath reads full path to excel file as a relative path

Hello, and please help!

I am trying to read an excel file that has a path which begins with “\ss…” etc. Uipath keeps interpreting this as a relative path, and so is looking for this path insisde my current folder.
How do I fix this?
please help!


Hi @3-rimo

Have u tried giving the whole path?

What error message did u get?

Yes. I am giving the whole path, but its a network path, so it begins with “\”.
It tells me it cannot find the excel file for the current path, and then gives me a path that is a yuxtaposition of my current path and this new one.

Please refer

Hello again @Arunvs2007. Let me be a bit clearer.
So suppose my current workflow is in “C:\Users\3-rimo\Documents”.
Then I ask uipath to find a workbookpath that is in its whole: “”\sslp\specific\test\anotherFolder\myexcelfile.xmxl".

UIpath returns the error message “Excel file C:\Users\3-rimo\Documents\Network\sslp\specific\test\anotherFolder\myexcelfile.xmxl” cannot be found.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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