UiPath Read Date in Excel

I need to get the Date Value in excel.
But i’m getting 43252 like that value.
Date value in excel 1/6/2018 i want to convert 01-JUN-2019.

I can’t get the actual excel date value.

Thanks In Advance
Muthu M

to get this value 01-JUN-2019
kindly use this method
out_value = Datetime.ParseExact(row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString.SubString(0,10),“dd/MM/yyyy”,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString(“dd-MMM-yyyy”)

where out_value is a variable of type string

hope this would help you
Cheers @muthu.m

hello @muthu.m

while reading the excel enable PreserveFormat property.



When i’m trying to get the value
DataDT.Rows(2)(1).ToString @Ajju as per your advice i did the changes.
but i get “[$-148432529]d mmmm yyyy”

if possible can you share the workbook here

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@muthu.m share the file if possible because i will give a try to get the data in the same format

Kindly share a sample excel and your workflow all together in a zipped folder if possible
Cheers @muthu.m

Sample.xlsx (11.6 KB)

I need the value B4 & D4 then B6 & D6 @Ajju

I just want to get the date value in 01-JUN-2018 this format.

Thanks in Advance

here you go
hope this would help you
datetime.zip (10.7 KB)

Cheers @muthu.m



the below might help you

Read.zip (10.2 KB)

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The Below Sequnce is help you .Please check the sequnce.
I was took columns with columnIdex
ExcelManipulations.xaml (8.0 KB)

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Thanks to all @Ajju @Palaniyappan @pradeepRPA

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Cheers @muthu.m

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