UiPath is not available from Ukraine

Dear colleagues,

could you help me or advise?
I can not access to community version from Ukraine.
How can I resolve this issue?

Thanks a lot!

@Pablito @loginerror

Could you please assists this.

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Hi @Igor_Svitelskyy,
Can you describe the process how you are trying to access Studio CE?
Have you tried to go here?


Then Resource Center and:

Hi @Pablito,

Yes, I have tried to go this link. But access denied.

As I understand this problem is related that UiPath cannot divide Crimea and Ukraine. Crimea under sanctions&

Unfortunate you’re right. Here’s the information about it:

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How can we resolve this issue? How can we get access to the platform?
Any ideas?)

Unfortunate this situation is not caused by UiPath. Any suggestion how to avoid this would be against the law.

But as it is described in the topic I sent you:

UiPath may be able to make available the on-premise version of the UiPath Platform if you are an Ukrainian resident, but live outside the territory of Crimea, if after performing a series of background checks, UiPath determines you are not subject to any nominal restrictions. In order for UiPath to perform these verifications, please contact @ovi @Pablito @loginerror in a private message and indicate the relevant identification information: name, surname and address, together with the description of the issue.

So if all of the above applied to you please send me proper private message.

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Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to send a private message

Hi @Timoshenko

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:
You will be able to send private messages as quickly as you hit the next trust level. Please see here:

All you need to do is:

And then you will be able to:

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