UIPath.exe - Corporate Restrictions and Security


I must say that I’m surprised that you would post your UiPath.exe file to a cloud drive where majority of larger organizations restrict access to either third party email vendors or cloud storage.

That being said, I’m stuck with assignments because I can’t download UiPath.exe to my machine. Can you post that in ZIP format from your UiPath.com site instead? That way it’s safe to download and justified if security team tries to white least the process. “Hey, no worries I got this from Google Drive” just does not sit well with security team. Or change your assignment in Academy 2 to use something else (same with the website that generates data).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Anyone that can help? Is UIPath even monitoring these forums?


So no-one has an answer to this? UiPath.exe file is used to complete the Academy 2 - it is the small desktop application to enter information into.

Its stored on cloud, and I can’t access it due to restrictions or email it due to block on exe file. My USB is not working due to laptop restriction. Soooo - can UiPah store this on their site?

Hi kkvakic,

Do you mean UiDemo.exe? I’ll upload it here as an .xls . UIDemo.xls (177 KB)

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I love you Bogdan - in manliest way ever! :slight_smile: thanks man - much appreciated.


No worries big guy.

Hello, sorry that we did not reply in a timely manner, do you have cloud access like onedrive, like anyway you have the xls extension but there is always a workaround for restrictions and security haha…