UiPath Excel to PDF Conversion Custom Activity

Hi all,
I have developed a custom activity which converts an Excel file to a PDF File .
Converts each Worksheet in the Excel File to individual PDF Document if Worksheet name is specfied in the input argument. If the Worksheet name is not specified the whole Workbook is converted to PDF.

You can add the latest version of this package from Nuget.org :
NuGet Gallery | ExceltoPDFConversionActivities 1.1.6


DestinationPath - Type String - Optional :
The path to store the output PDF File. If unspecified, it takes in the path of the input excel file and stores the PDF document in that path with filename same as that of input excel file.

ExcelSourcePath - Type String - Mandatory :
The absolute path of the excel file to be converted.

RemovePageBreaks - Type Boolean- Mandatory :
Enable or disable excel page breaks according to user’s choice.

SheetName - Type String - Optional:
The name of the particular sheet to be converted to PDF. If left unspecified, the whole workbook is converted to PDF Document.


result - Type boolean - Optional :
Returns True if the operation has been carried out successfully, otherwise returns False.


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I’m using this package, and I’m seeing some odd behavior with this in my use case. In my process, the worksheet has been copied from a template reference file, and then additional data populated in the worksheet by the RPA process. When I pass the file into this activity, the resulting PDF only displays the portions from the original template. However, if I break in debug and inspect the file immediately prior to running, I can confirm that the Excel file does indeed have all of the new info written to it, yet it is still missing from the exported PDF.

Hello @SreyasVS,

Thanks for the activity. It’s working fine in Excel 2016 but it’s prompting me the following error in Exel 2007. “Value does not fall within the expected range”.
PFAOutput_Data.xlsx (13.0 KB)