UiPath & Excel memory problems urgent!


Not sure if anyone has experienced this within RPA automation but whilst developing a dozen of automation’s I have come across problems where the Bot gets hung up on an excel activity but does not fall into a try and catch exception or stop. It continues to run but not processing anything. I am currently using “close workbook” after every excel scope action (not in the scope, just after outside of it) however my question is :

IS THERE ANY RISK to use Kill Excel after every single excel activity?! including a 5 second delay after the activity then Killing it…? or no delay if its possible?

Appreciate any response! :slight_smile:

Hi @J_Swali,

I have also experienced like this kind of issue but it is working fine after few days…

1.Yes, it is better to use kill excel in these cases .
2.The delay is our interest ,It will work fine without delay also…


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Thank you for your response with this also two more questions

Within my automation some of it was not built by me and I have seen excel activities being used loosely (not inside a excel scope) i.e. “write cells” and “read ranges” questions are below in regards to this :

  1. Would you agree that these activities should always be placed inside a scope?
  2. Would it be dangerous to use kill excel after loose excel activities?

Appreciate any response! :slight_smile:

1.Yes i agree and recommend that these activities should be used inside excel scope because the files are in the working folder and it is proper way…

2.I dont say it is dangerous , it depends on the workflow what task it is doing…


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  1. It is not mandatory to keep these activities inside excel scope. For example if you want to save a data table to excel. It is not required to keep inside a scope. But it is recommended to keep the excel actions inside a scope for better way of working. When the excel application scope ends, it automatically closes the file after all the excel action completed. Look at the second point why it is dangerous if you dont use scope.

  2. It is dangerous sometimes. For example if you are saving a file and then you killed the process in between it makes the excel file no use.

Karthik Byggari

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For 2. Why would it be dangerous as UiPath will wait until the activity has been complete before reaching the kill process activity after no?

Just asking for clarification… @KarthikByggari

I mean to say sometimes even if the bot is running you think that bot got hanged and if you kill excel process it might be a problem.

As per the documentation, not all excel activities can be used outside scope.

Write Range, Read Range and most activities - Can only be used in the Excel Application Scope activity.

So the activities used outside the scope doesn’t impact much I guess. Correction to my second point.