Uipath Excel alternative way to find row without foreach

Hi is there any way to do without using for each row in database
to find how many row i need to fill without for each? i wan to fill A B C D
with Ctrl + G to A2 then use Ctrl + down and down hot key i can bring to new row but how i match with what i copy to match the row i currently have
is there a way i can autofill to match like this

the empty cell i write cell to it then use autofill to the last row ?

How can i do this

i use autofill on 18/4/2021 to the last row i have

Hi @CoolRobot

Please use this package (there is an activity called add sno )

Pass your datatable both in input and in output

After that in assign

LastRow is string

LastRow = dtTable.asenumerable.where(function(d) d(“columnname”).tostring ="" or string.isnullorempty(d(“columnname”).tostring)). copytodatatable.rows(0). itemarray (0). tostring

So LastRow contains first empty row number after that use autofill to fill the rows you want…


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