UIPath DSD/Solution Design Runtime Diagram


In the sample DSD template there is a section for Runtime diagram, can anyone share an example of this diagram? appreciate your help.


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Hi Kam_ui,

I found DSD & SDD sample files in UiPath Automation Hub, please find them from DSD & SDD samples.zip (538.1 KB)
p.s. some content in the DSD template take from SDD, you can follow the notification in DSD

For the Runtime Diagram, there is an sample in the video (start from 14:55 to 16:08) in “Design, Build, Test” session of the Implementation Methodology course in UiPath Academy; By the way, I also captured some screenshots of this sample for your references DSD samples in IM.zip (1.3 MB) (the sample in video displays in low quality, so the screenshots are also in a low quality)

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