UiPath Demo 2017 | What you want to see in 2021? | Please add comments!

UiPath Full demo 2017. This is a full demo made by me in 2017, I put Chapters on the video to jump very fast to a different part of the video. The main idea is to see the structure of the Demo and ask me what part you want to see in more detail in the 2021 version of UiPath.
Please let a comment to this post to know that other videos I should create.

0:00​ All software items from the environment
1:45​ How all components are connected inside of the environment
2:55​ First Step in UiPath Studio
4:45​ Create your first workflow with the Recorder
5:55​ Understand the recorder moves
6:30​ Manually add an activity
7:10​ Variables inside UiPath Studio
9:00​ Read data from Excel file and use it inside of the workflow
9:30​ Explain a flowchart with decisions
11:15​ Run the process
11:50​ Advanced Tools and details about the technology
15:00Rpachallenge.com how to solve difficult interfaces
15:30​ Anchor Base
17:00​ Data Scraping
18:00​ Send Email with this Data
18:50​ Run the process
19:50​ Example of Translate Text
23:20​ Cognitive activities
26:00​ Difference between OCR engines
29:30​ Demo with Email PDF and SAP
31:30​ Complex demo with multiple software like Excel, Word, PDF, Terminal, SAP, Salesforce, ExpenceIT
35:10​ Complex process architecture
38:00​ How to automate a process on the remote machine (Image Automation)
42:25​ UiPath Orchestrator
43:00​ Tenancy 43:55​ Users and Roles
47:05​ Define Robots on the Orchestrator
49:40​ Configure Processes on the Orchestrator
50:30​ Assets
51:20​ Queues
52:55​ Deploy a process to a robot via Orchestrator
54:30​ Update the process via Orchestrator
56:00​ Start process from Orchestrator
56:35​ Send 2 commands from Orchestrator
58:00​ Schedule a process
59:55​ Elasticsearch and Kibana