UiPath Database Maintenance - tables almost reach maximum space reserved

Does anybody have recommendations about UiPath Orchestrator Database Maintenance? At this moment we have the Logs table (dbo.Logs) that is reaching the maximum space reserved. We can add more space but, in few weeks, we are going to have the same problem. We want to archive some information and delete part of the records (the older ones) from this table. Have anyone have recommendations about what is the best practice in this kind of issues? Deleting directly some old records is going to disrupt referential integrity?

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We delete the following logs periodically:

  1. Logs that are older than 3 months.
  2. Logs that are from processes that have since been updated.

This keeps the logs in our database reasonably fresh and relevant.

Thanks a lot. We are going to apply the same policies.


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Please go through the link for clear understanding on database maintenance.
The content is related.

LOGS is reaching the 1 million of register. But the table was created with 3.2GB of limit and is near of 3GB. Your post will help us. Thank you very much. Rgds

Nestor, muchas gracias. Este link me cuadra bastante, además que es directo de la documentación de UiPath y era justo lo que estaba buscando (lo cual intenté de primero pero no pude conseguirlo).


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