UiPath Data Extraction DU

I have used Data labelling to label the fields,all teh fields are getting selected propertly.
But in Present Validation Station , none fo them is getting selected.

Any fix for this?

Hello @Ritaman_Baral, try some of these steps to fix it:

  1. Verify Field Names and Labels:
  • Ensure that the field names and labels you assigned during data labeling match exactly with what you’re expecting in the Validation Station. Even minor differences can cause selection issues.
  1. Document Understanding Configuration:
  • If you’re using Document Understanding, make sure that your Document Understanding taxonomy is correctly configured to recognize the fields you labeled. Check the data extraction taxonomy settings to ensure it aligns with your labeled data.
  1. Data Extraction Rules:
  • Review the data extraction rules defined for the fields you labeled. Ensure that the extraction rules are set up correctly to capture the data from the documents.
  1. Document Definition:
  • If you’re working with Document Understanding, make sure that your document definition accurately represents the layout of the documents you’re processing. Any discrepancies between the document definition and the actual document layout can cause issues.
  1. Data Labeling Quality:
  • Double-check the quality of your data labeling. Ensure that you labeled a sufficient number of examples for each field, including variations that may appear in the documents.
  1. OCR Quality:
  • If OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is involved, verify the quality of OCR. Poor OCR results can lead to difficulty in selecting fields in the Validation Station.
  1. Zoom Level and Resolution:
  • Check the zoom level and resolution settings in the Validation Station. Sometimes, adjusting these settings can help in selecting fields more accurately, especially if the documents have varying layouts.
  1. Validation Station UI Issues:
  • If you suspect that the issue is related to the Validation Station’s user interface, consider checking for any updates or patches for UiPath that might address such issues.
  1. UiPath Version Compatibility:
  • Ensure that the version of UiPath you’re using is compatible with the activities and features you’re employing. Updating to a newer version of UiPath may resolve compatibility issues.
  1. Debugging and Logs:
  • Implement detailed logging in your workflow to track the actions taken in the Validation Station. This can help in diagnosing the issue further.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I trained them with 25 files. Shall i train them using more files ? maybe 50?

yes sure, let me know if it worked! :slight_smile:

not working…in datalabelling it is confidently identifying all the fields but in Extraction it is not selecting any of the fields…


hi @Ritaman_Baral

Can you reduce the confidence percentage at configure extraction scope to minimum near about 10% or something.

The reason is if the confidence is less than what you have stated it will not even get marked in the document for validation.

Later in post processing you can check the confidence score using query.

HAppy Automation! :smiley:

Please tell me the steps for post processing confidence score using query!!

I checked with 1 percentage and 10 percentage still not able to extract anything

This can help to check the confidence score in post processing section.

Did you map the fields that you created in the skill with the taxonomy in configure extractor?

yes…eveyrhting is correct only